Melanie’s Statement on why she is running

I’m running for the state school board because I am passionate about parental rights and ensuring a great future for our children. Like many parents, I’m concerned about the decline in academic instruction in our public schools. We have allowed too many extreme and controversial theories and practices to infiltrate our curriculum. We require too much of our teachers and ask them to take on roles that should be reserved for parents. As your School Board Member, I will be that first line of defense of what we allow into our education system, and I will fight for our children’s future to ensure they can chase their dreams and accomplish their next step.

John D. Johnson

John D. Johnson is an American academic and politician who is a member of the Utah State Senate from the 19th district. Elected in November 2020, he assumed office on January 1, 2021.

A native of Weber County, Utah, Johnson graduated from Weber High School in 1977. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Weber State University and a PhD in economics from Texas A&M University.

Dr. Johnson has been on the faculties of OleMiss, SMU and USU. Johnson also co-founded a number of tech firms, including FNC Inc. A real-estate technology firm that was sold to Core Logic.

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